Do you have personal development ideas that you would like to share with others? Perhaps you would like to submit a guest post for possible publication on the Six Simple Rules blog.

The Six Simple Rules blog is a place where personal development ideas are shared: ways to be happier, nicer, a leader, a lifelong learner, healthier, and more organized.

Many people have contributed guest posts to the blog. Personal development writers, and anyone with personal development ideas that can help others can submit an original post. Guest posts are published periodically and can be from writers of any age, from any location.

How to Submit:

  • Send your post in Microsoft Word.
  • Strive to keep paragraphs to 3 sentences or less.
  • Emphasize, using bolding, bullet points, or numbers, where appropriate.
  • Use 11 size font, black, with single spacing.
  • Try to keep your post to between 800-1,300 words.
  • Include a brief bio.
  • Email your post to “info (AT) sixsimplerules (DOT) com”.
  • Write “Blog Post Submission” in the subject line.

Writing a Post:

  • Write about a topic about which: you have feelings, are passionate, have experienced emotions.
  • Include a story from your personal experiences.
  • Offer practical information that will help readers address their similar challenges.
  • Please present a post that fits the personal development message of the Six Simple Rules blog — helping other people with ways to be happier, nicer, healthier, more organized, a leader and/or a lifelong learner. (Review past blog posts on the Six Simple Rules blog for a sense of the type of writing and the kinds of topics that fit.)
  • Provide original, personal work. Original means your post has never before been published anywhere, including your own blog, or your book. (If you have a book, feel free to contact us at “info (AT) sixsimplerules (DOT) com” about a potential interview and giveaway.)
  • Strive for good grammar and no typos. Perhaps ask a friend to proofread it for you.
  • Keep self-promotion limited to inclusion in your bio. Please do not market courses, workshops, or services in the post. Please do not include links in the post. Links and other promotion will be limited to those that fit the personal development message of the Six Simple Rules blog. Links to commercial enterprises you are blogging to promote are not a fit for our site.

We may edit your post, your title, and use excerpts from your bio. Please be patient as it may be two weeks or more before we are able to respond. And before you submit your post, please make sure to review the guidelines above. We will not respond to everyone who submits a post. If your post or the link does not meet our guidelines, we will not respond.

Thank you for helping to make the world a better place by sharing your ideas.

Warmest regards,


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