“I have bought this book for my employees, my colleagues and clients. This will make great stocking stuffers this year for my family as well… It warms my heart to give the book to people and know that it will help them in everyday decisions.”

“…this book will earn the distinction as one of the great books written for personal happiness and improvement.”

“…combines practical advice and simple prescriptions that will yield immediate benefits in your life.”

“I enjoyed this book so much that I bought a bunch of copies to give to family and friends as holiday gifts… I highly recommend this for anyone interested in creating a better life for themselves and their loved ones…”

“A great read for yourself or to pass along to loved ones. I plan to re-read it several times and make David’s words of wisdom a habit.”

“…a remarkably effective self-help book that dispenses sensible ideas for making positive changes to your life… a great motivational read. Highly recommended!!”

“David Singer has written an incredibly fun to read book that is loaded with useful ideas and strategies to help improve your life… Buy this book and be happier and healthier. Then pass it along to a friend!”

“…a great and powerful book, full of rich tools to better yourself and help make meaningful and important changes. As an elementary school teacher, I am always looking for tools and resources to improve my teaching, and coming across this book helped me realize that in order to be a better teacher, I should also work on improving myself. I’ll be recommending this to my fellow teacher friends!”

“…the only way you can truly judge a book like Six Simple Rules is to give it a personal test: “Did this book have a positive impact on my life?” By that measure, I’m incredibly grateful to David Singer for writing it, and always will be… you’d be doing yourself a service to buy it, and a bigger service to read it.”

“As a senior citizen, I thought that the book would not be beneficial for me and my husband but I was wrong… I am buying the books for my grandchildren (teenagers)… Every advice we as grandparents could give them is included in the book. I wish someone would have told me some of those things earlier in life… A must get for everybody.”

Six Simple Rules for a Better Life is different… This book is filled with common sense recommendations that are already helping me get more from life and reach for goals that I have wanted to achieve for years… I not only bought and enjoyed this book for myself, but after reading it I bought another copy for a friend… Everybody can learn these simple rules and improve their life.”

“What a great read – so more than just a how-to-self-improvement book. Six Simple Rules for a Better Life is written in a practical way which is non-preachy and very “common sensible”. I have recommended it to all my staff, friends and family.”

“I am a big fan of good self-help books and this one makes the list!… A simple guide, yet one with depth and breadth. A very worthy addition to your self help library or a wonderful first book to start with!”

“I was so thrilled to read a book that, for the first time, made me feel happy with myself, and able to try to make changes I’ve always wanted to make. Other books have made me feel inadequate, with a preachy tone and left me feeling, “Why bother?” Instead, Singer reminds us that he, like all of us, is human, makes mistakes, which frees you up to focus on the fantastic possibilities that lie ahead, rather than feeling overwhelmed. His advice and strategies are easy to follow… and I feel the support, encouragement and motivation thanks to Singer’s fantastic book!”

“As we continue to struggle through one of the worst economic downturns of the past century, “Six Simple Rules” casts a decidedly bright light. This book contains valuable lessons for people devoting ever more hours to unfulfilling jobs, and the many job-seekers who deal with the daily frustrations of job hunting… As a therapist and executive coach I recommend “Six Simple Rules.” It contains practical and achievable improvements that can be incorporated into our everyday lives.”

“”Six Simple Rules” has truly made me stop and think about what I need to change in my life – I can see myself in some of the stories and love the practicality of the suggestions that I can work on changing. I am going to buy copies for my children to read – my husband is reading it now.”

“I’ve read many “self-help” type books over the years and many of them fall short because the advice given is impractical or even impossible to follow… David Singer, in his book, Six Simple Rules for a Better Life, takes a much different approach. His advice is easy to grasp, easy to follow, and most importantly easy to implement. His advice does not require drastic life changes and can be put into practice after only a few pages… I have been constantly talking about it, quoting it, and recommending it to friends and family. I highly recommend this book to anybody and everybody!”

“During these challenging times, Six Simple Rules for a Better Life provides an easy to follow blueprint of how to make life better in so many ways.”

Six Simple Rules is a book whose time not only has come, but is ideal. In a day overwhelmed by constant, in-your-face 24/7 media when most people’s lives are loaded with tweeting and texting and messaging and emailing, along comes a book that brings order to the chaos… This is the book that the Twitter age was waiting for.”

“If you want a happier and healthier life, Six Simple Rules is a thoughtful and resourceful handbook that brings concepts and practical methods together in such a manner that the reader becomes highly motivated… Follow these six simple rules and you will enjoy progress to a better life like never before!”

“This book is a great summary of life wisdom… It is a fast, enjoyable and educating read. Not much more you can ask for than that!”

“If you feel like you are running faster and faster on the treadmill of contemporary life, then this book will help you stop, take stock, and figure out ways to make your life simpler and more rewarding.”

“”Six Simple Rules” is a great GO TO book when you need a check in with how to live life…

“You will be blown away by the straight talk and the Simple steps contained in the book… It’s an easy read that you won’t be able to put down until you finish it cover to cover. The book will inspire you to be the best you can be.”

“By breaking it down the way that David has suggested, each day becomes an easy, unassuming approach towards making better decisions and habits a part of my regular daily life.”

“From the moment I began Six Simple Rules, I realized this was a special book. David Singer shares himself with his reader. It is as if a trusted friend was allowing you to take advantage of what he had learned so you could take a short cut and not have to make the same mistakes. Not only are there ideas that are age old truths, but cutting edge ideas as new as today.”

“This is a great book for anyone who wants a well-thought out and realistic approach to having a more fulfilling and happy life… Everyone who reads this book will definitely be inspired to make changes…”

“I just finished the book and already started reading it again–there are so many wonderful tips and tools to learn that it would be an injustice to only read it once. The book is written in such a way that makes me feel like I have my own personal cheerleader helping me with positive changes…”

“I loved reading this book because it is so simple… I was inspired to make some simple changes in my life after reading the first chapter…”

“…what makes david singer’s book and approach different (and better) than the others is this: i found david’s “six simple rules” so accessible. i followed his approach and it was quick, easy and FUN to dive right in and to rapidly experience results that generated positive change for me.”

“This book is great. It is the only self help book I have read that incorporates “all the disciplines”. 1) Self happiness, 2) Balance work/personal, 3) Managing your own expectations, 4) Control of your thinking, 5) Health thru thinking, 6) Comparisons of how it was as compared to how things are today, 7) You can form good habits just as you form bad ones. And many more… It’s sad, but unfortunately, there seems to be an “all or nothing” attitude out there that if I’m not completely happy, my life sucks. This book points out that you can “mitigate” things so that they are better… this book is a wonderful eye opener.”

“…reading about David’s commitment as a father is an inspiration and undoubtedly will help me be a great dad like he is.”

“I recommend “Six Simple Rules” to those… looking for an uplifting boost!”

“…cannot wait for the sequel. A must read”

“…the best way to accomplish goals is to break them down into small pieces which we can tackle over time. That’s appealing with New Year’s Day coming up, when the usual method is to make really big goals (resolutions) which we almost always give up on. Instead, smaller goals will help us to succeed. That’s why this book is inspirational and motivational and highly recommended.”