David J. Singer, Senior Managing Director of Risk Strategies Company, is the author of Six Simple Rules for a Better Life.

David’s drive to make the world a better place is the reason he wrote Six Simple Rules for a Better Life.  Like most people, David strives to make his life better. Unlike lots of people, he’s learned to better his life in hundreds of ways while avoiding the stress, frustration and guilt that can follow the failed attempts at making meaningful and lasting change via New Year’s resolutions – we’ve all been there, looking at a largely unchanged list a year later.  He wrote Six Simple Rules for a Better Life to help other people make the kind of progress that he and others have made using the game plan and ideas presented in the book and in his speaking engagements.

For many years, David served as a role model speaker for Directions for Our Youth, a program for inner-city high school students. Each semester, David conducted workshops for 150 or so 14- and 15-year-olds to help them learn secrets to success, sharing some of the advice that turned into Six Simple Rules for a Better Life. David was also involved with a New York City high school as part of PENCIL’S “Principal for a Day” program. Since 2013, David has been a regular speaker for Year Up.

David coached his kids’ sports teams, chaperoned their school trips, wrote reviews on parenting books, served on committees for the board of education, and served as a board member for a local community institution. David co-founded Singer Nelson Charlmers, a predecessor firm to Risk Strategies Company. Its mission, Building Healthier Companies, and leadership in the wellness movement, have been  wonderful outlets for David’s passion to help others to be healthier and happier.

David lectures for companies and as a keynote speaker at conferences on Six Simple Rules for a Better Life, How to Make Changes that Stick, Time Management for a Better Life, and other topics, and writes the Six Simple Rules for a Better Life blog. Six Simple Rules for a Better Life is David’s first book.