“You don’t need fancy technologies, brand new systems or arcane vocabulary to get more out of life. In this direct and honest book, David takes you through six simple pillars of what it takes to have a happy life. Bravo.”

Seth Godin,
Founder, HugDug

“We need a book like this. Slowing down to make these changes is indeed the requirement. Some of it may take work, but that’s the point. Simple doesn’t equal easy. Do it.”

Chris Brogan,
President, Human Business Works

“In a world of bloated books and meaningless essays, David’s Six Simple Rules offers you a gift – Return On Attention.”

Tim Sanders, author of
Today We Are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence
and founder of netminds

“If only life came with an instruction manual, we’d all be better off. In lieu of that…David Singer offers his Six Simple Rules for a Better Life…”
— (201) Magazine

“It’s often occurred to me that the most important components of my peace and happiness are actually quite simple. When I start feeling overwhelmed or unbalanced, it’s generally because I’ve complicated things and lost touch with what truly matters.

This is precisely why I loved reading David J. Singer’s book Six Simple Rules for a Better Life: it offers practical wisdom by focusing on the simplest of ideas—which we nonetheless forget at times—and includes concrete suggestions to make incremental change across multiple areas of our lives…”

— Lori Deschene, author of
Tiny Buddha, Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions
and founder of Tiny Buddha

“David Singer has written a very full book — full of useful ideas, full of great references to other books, full of personal experiences that reveal immense insight and wisdom, and full of an overall way of understanding how to make life successful, satisfying, and happy in simple, daily ways. So many ‘breakthrough’ books today promise a lot and provide little. David’s book promises a simple approach and delivers much more.”

— Dan Sullivan
President, Strategic Coach

“…Singer is a student of success and happiness. He’s read most of the classics in the self-improvement genre, and he generously shares the best insights from these authors. Reading the book was like taking a short course in having a good life. And to get an A in the course, all I have to do is implement these reminders of good, commonsense advice…”

— Dennis E. Coates, Ph.D., author of
Conversations with the Wise Uncle: The Secret to Being Strong as a Teenager and Preparing for Success as an Adult

“When it comes to coercing you to drop beloved-but-destructive vices and accept the things you grudgingly acknowledge are good for you (no easy task), David Singer is a master. He is no annoying drill sergeant, and he is no therapist. He’s just some incredibly smart guy who understands you fully because he has done the same exact things he’s advising you to do, and he’s psyched to see you get where you need to be. That makes this book a happy, worthwhile life changer.”

— Robert Edelstein, author of
Full Throttle: The Life and Fast Times of Nascar Legend Curtis Turner