Choosing Happiness

A quick google search on “choosing happiness books” yields hits such as Choosing Happiness, Just Choose Happiness, I Choose Happiness, and many more. I haven’t read those particular books, but I’ve read countless books on, or related to, happiness, and I work hard to choose happiness for myself. When I…

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Smiling and Happiness

A while ago, I published an article about smiling in my monthly newsletter. I want to share it here, along with an update. To start, take this gift from me. It’s free and it’s easy. Smile. Just smile. Now think about what you just experienced. Smile again to help you…

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Successfully Changing Habits

My friend Kevin was telling me of his weight loss struggles. He realized he kept procrastinating about working on the weight loss because there are about 10 habits he wanted to focus on to make it happen. He realized he was overwhelming himself by thinking about the 10 habits, and…

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New Life Day and Changes

This post was a popular article in my monthly newsletter, so I wanted to share it here, especially with New Year's coming. At my speaking engagements I ask for examples of common New Year’s resolutions. Nearly every time, “Lose weight,” “Exercise more,” and “Stop smoking,” are shouted out from the…

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Diet Soda and Your Health

This is a guest post by Alissa Jones. In it, she talks about what she learned about the dangers of diet soda. It's perfect timing for this piece because Thanksgiving kicks off the season, between now and the end of the year, where people often eat too much and feel…

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