Healthy Eating & Your Microbiome

Dr. Gabe Mirkin’s Fitness and Health e-Zine is one of my go-to places for keeping up with the latest suggestions for my health. In a recent article entitled, “What You Eat, Not Your Genes, Determines Your Microbiome,” Dr. Mirkin wrote, “The hottest area of medical research today may well be…

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Time Management & Your Priorities

I have been greatly influenced by the writing of Stephen Covey, the late author of Seven Habits for Highly Successful People. What I learned from his ideas have been very important for my time management. Essentially, his message, as explained by the first three of his seven habits, is this:…

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Biking & Driving: Safety & Health

I read in the New York Times some disturbing information about people not wearing bike helmets. According to the article, head injuries account for three-fourths of the nearly 700-plus bicycle deaths that occur each year nationwide. In New York City, 97% of cycling deaths and 87% of serious cycling injuries…

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