Minimalism: The More of Less

Since 2011, when I published my book and began blogging, I have also been a regular reader of other blogs. My favorite, Becoming Minimalist, has countless useful posts to help you have a simpler, better life. Reading Becoming Minimalist, and other minimalism blogs, led to several changes in my life.…

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Happiness from Less Stuff

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we watched some home movies. My kids are now in their early-to-mid-20s and we had hardly ever watched home movies. It was a lot of fun. (It was also hard to watch much of it—for example, little kid birthday parties in real time are not that interesting.)…

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Lessons from Letting It All Go

This is a guest post by Bethany Rosselit. Bethany blogs at Online Life Coaching, where she offers tips, e-courses, and individual e-mail, chat, and Skype sessions to help people simplify their lives, overcome their fears, and achieve their dreams. For the first 10 years of my marriage, I thought had…

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A Simpler Path to Happiness

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the happiness secret of experiences, not things. In a similar vein, I share with you enjoy today’s guest post by Cheryl Magyar. -------------- It seems like everyone is talking about happiness these days—trying to define it and searching high and low for…

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