Kiki: Happiness Lessons from a Chronically Unique Kid

My 16-year-old cousin Kyra (aka Kiki) is chronically unique (a term she invented.) Please watch her video and you will understand. It's 15 minutes in length and if at any point you decide to fast forward, make sure you watch the last 3.5 minutes to learn valuable happiness lessons from this amazing…

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A Most Olympian Feat for Happiness

I’m a big sports fan and have always enjoyed the Olympics. I remember the unbeatable Cuban boxer Teófilo Stevenson, the Russian weightlifter Vasily Alekseyev, and the Michael Phelps of my childhood, U.S.A. swimmer Mark Spitz. (I actually wore the same Speedo  bathing suit that Mark Spitz did, with its U.S.A. flag-design.)…

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