Practice Good Habits Forever

Last year I wrote about my primary takeaways from listening to Arthur Brooks in conversation with Simon Sinek at an event I attended. The conversation, as I outlined in a prior post, was about the way we can heal our divided world by practicing an approach of loving your enemies…

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Take a Walk

On March 19, just under a week after I began working from home, I wrote this note to my work colleagues: I am a long-time exerciser, and I am a long-time fan of the outdoors. But until the past week I don't think I have ever taken a walk near…

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Living with a New Normal

I keep hearing, reading, and using the word crazy (as in, these crazy times). The word crazy feels right because almost nothing feels normal. Like many of the people who are fortunate to have a job that can be done remotely, I have been working at home for nearly two…

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Flatten the Curve

Just about three weeks ago, we all started hearing about the critical importance of washing our hands and not touching our face. This article has tricks to help you stop touching your face. As we all know, things have changed tremendously in those three weeks (and are changing every day).…

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