Take a Walk

On March 19, just under a week after I began working from home, I wrote this note to my work colleagues: I am a long-time exerciser, and I am a long-time fan of the outdoors. But until the past week I don't think I have ever taken a walk near…

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Living with a New Normal

I keep hearing, reading, and using the word crazy (as in, these crazy times). The word crazy feels right because almost nothing feels normal. Like many of the people who are fortunate to have a job that can be done remotely, I have been working at home for nearly two…

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Flatten the Curve

Just about three weeks ago, we all started hearing about the critical importance of washing our hands and not touching our face. This article has tricks to help you stop touching your face. As we all know, things have changed tremendously in those three weeks (and are changing every day).…

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Teenproofing, Part 6

When my kids were in high school, I wrote a five-part series of "Teenproofing" posts about teens and drinking. The posts include many of my opinions and suggestions including not letting your kids drink in your house. My kids are all in their mid-twenties now, so I haven’t given a…

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20 Seconds for Better Health

Eating well and exercise are fundamental to our health. Unlike genetics, we can make choices regarding what (and how much) we eat and how (and how much) we exercise. There are three types of people when it comes to exercise. Those who do an amount they are happy with, those…

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Fake Meat and Your Health

I stopped eating red meat about 20 years ago, and I was barely eating it for a number of years before that. My mom’s mom died young from a heart condition, so many years ago when my mom about red meat’s connection to heart disease she shared that knowledge with…

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