Happiness and Health at Work

Someone sent me an article about a company that purposely made some decisions they knew would make them less profitable. The goal was to impact the environment in a more sustainable way, and the author wrote about the various ways to define success. The person who sent me the article…

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Athletic Lifelong Learning

I'm a big believer in lifelong learning. The fifth of my Six Simple Rules is, "Be a Lifelong Learner." I do a ton of reading (books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs), I listen to podcasts, and I attend classes, workshops, and seminars, among other things. I'm also a strong believer in…

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Six Rules for a Simple Life

I was playing with words in my head earlier this year, as I often do, and the title of my book, Six Simple Rules for a Better Life, became "Six Better Rules for a Simple Life". (I wrote about it in my monthly newsletter.) Simple things of all types appeal…

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