What Procrastination & Pessimism Have in Common

I was reading The Undoing Project, the latest book by one of my favorite authors, Michael Lewis. It’s about two psychologists / behavioral economists, Amos Tversky & Daniel Kahneman. I’ve written here before about their work after I read Kahneman’s amazing book, Thinking Fast and Slow. This excerpt from the…

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Doing One Thing at a Time

One thing that bothers most people, is the experience of not remembering why you just walked from one place to another—for example, walking from one room to another in your house, or from one part of your workplace to another. As we get older, we begin to worry if that…

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Simplify Your Wallet

I carry around a super slim wallet and I owe that in part to my smartphone, to a trip I made to Europe, and to my good friends Elliot & Joanne. There are many good things I learned from my dad. But, the fact that my dad’s wallet has always…

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Six Rules for a Simple Life

I was playing with words in my head earlier this year, as I often do, and the title of my book, Six Simple Rules for a Better Life, became "Six Better Rules for a Simple Life". (I wrote about it in my monthly newsletter.) Simple things of all types appeal…

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Habits for Motivation

This is guest post by Alex Romero. You’re a nervous volunteer at a nursing home. You're nervous because of the sounds you're hearing coming from a room down the hall—metal screeching, drawers falling, and floorboards scratching. Hopefully the residents are okay. You get to the room and find three elderly…

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Minimalism: The More of Less

Since 2011, when I published my book and began blogging, I have also been a regular reader of other blogs. My favorite, Becoming Minimalist, has countless useful posts to help you have a simpler, better life. Reading Becoming Minimalist, and other minimalism blogs, led to several changes in my life.…

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