I read a really good article in Fast Company magazine about to-do list mistakes.

I am a big advocate of to-do lists, and of writing things down in general. Here are my favorite takeaways from the article, with my thoughts added:

  1. Create/update your next day’s to-do list before you end each day. Rather than starting your day by creating/updating your to-do list, and rather than letting yourself think about it during the night, ending your day by making the next day’s to-do list helps you put closure on your day, get a jump-start on the next day, and let go of work as you relax and rejuvenate with non-work activities.
  2. Don’t have too many tasks on your list. I have an insanely long master to-do list, and I often have too many items on my to-do list for a given day. Before the day begins I narrow the list down to be sure I can tackle the most important and urgent items. It’s very satisfying to tackle those items. And, any additional items I get to are a bonus.
  3. Using your calendar in combination with your to-do list. One way I make sure I get the most important things done is to place the items on my calendar, with alarms to remind me to do them.

What are your good to-do list habits? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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