Saying No, for Time Management, Happiness, & Health

My career has mostly focused on business development (aka sales) and I have been an active “networker”. I was recently introduced to a cleverly constructed networking organization that groups people who are looking for similar customers. I sat in on a sample session (virtual these days) and greatly enjoyed it.…

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Improving #WFH Work-Life Balance

About 30 years ago, my wife and I moved with our first-born into an apartment located five minutes from my office. At first, I loved the idea. A five-minute commute was essentially no commute at all. After years of much longer commutes, I was thrilled. A year later, we moved,…

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Multitasking & Making Habits

As any regular reader here knows, I’ve written a lot about how to make changes stick – break down your goals into small pieces and work on one at a time for the 21 days it takes to create a habit. As I have explained, we have a limited amount…

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Managing Time Like Managing Money

I’ve written often about making time for the important things in your life and shifting from an “I don’t have the time” mindset to an “I didn’t make the time” one – not only because it’s a good way to look at the situation, but also because it’s true. We…

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