The fourth of my “Six Simple Rules” is “Be Organized,” and a To-Do list is one of my keys to staying organized. I’ve written about to-do lists in my book and more than once in the blog, such as here.

I’ve also written that one of the secrets to my success has been figuring out the things I should not to – things I should entrust to others – whether at home or at work, and whether to a coworker, a family member, or an outside professional (aka outsourcing, as I described in a post earlier this year.)

For a long time I wished I had a good name for those things I should not do. “To-Don’t” doesn’t sound right. Recently I read something (I wish I could recall where) that referred to a “Don’t Do” list. I love that term.

That said, while googling to try to find where I read it, to give credit where due, I came upon some good articles on the subject, each with their own name.

This one, about a “Not-Do” list.

This one, about a “Not to Do” list.

This one with the term that doesn’t resonate with me, about a “To Don’t” list.

Whichever name you like, I strongly suggest you spend some time figuring out what I am not calling your “Don’t Do” list. Life is so much better when you can hand off to others those things you aren’t good at and hate doing. Working with others who are good at these tasks, and who enjoy doing them, is good for everyone involved. You will experience less failure, frustration, and stress, and more happiness and success – and so will everyone else involved.

Be well,