Ten Years Later

Ten year ago, I published my book, Six Simple Rules for a Better Life. It’s been an eventful decade for me in many ways, and the book has been a very nice part of it. While the book didn’t become a bestseller (and I didn’t expect it would), it sold…

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Happiness and Health at Work

Someone sent me an article about a company that purposely made some decisions they knew would make them less profitable. The goal was to impact the environment in a more sustainable way, and the author wrote about the various ways to define success. The person who sent me the article…

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How Happiness Impacts our Work

This is a guest post by Austin Farewell. Many companies value productivity over employee satisfaction. This type of thinking is understandable—the companies are doing what they think will help them maximize profits. But what if there was a way to achieve both? Because the satisfaction and general happiness of employees has…

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Smile to Start Your Day

After a recent speaking engagement, the COO of the office where I presented sent out the following note to everyone in the office: Earlier this month, David Singer visited our office and spoke about his book, Six Simple Rules for a Better Life. There was terrific feedback from so many of…

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Leadership: Doing What You Say

I want to tell you a brief story about something super nice that someone said to me recently. More than 18 years ago, Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, told me about four “Referability” habits—behaviors that help you to be referable, as in a person who other people would recommend…

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