After a recent speaking engagement, the COO of the office where I presented sent out the following note to everyone in the office:

Earlier this month, David Singer visited our office and spoke about his book, Six Simple Rules for a Better Life. There was terrific feedback from so many of you and it was good to see that you enjoyed the presentation. David provided a lot of great ideas to slowly build great new habits. Something I started a few years ago was to smile before I enter the office each day. Sounds a bit corny but it really works. Usually I am thinking about the day ahead as I am driving into work and that puts me into a serious “work” mode. I have found that by taking the first moments of my day getting into the office with a smile, I have had a more enjoyable and productive day. And greeting each person in the office with a smile makes the environment better. It was a good habit that I’ve added to my routine.

I love this. It’s a simple, terrific idea. It’s similar to something I once read about the end of the day—about not going into your house when you get home from work until you take a deep breath and smile. It’s great to put on your home face for your wonderful family—to make the break and start the night off right, just like the COO suggests about putting on a happy face to start your work day.

What are some good habits you can recommend? Join the conversation with your comments…

Best regards,