As discussed in my book and many posts on this site, it takes 21 days to form a habit—and breaking down large goals into manageable pieces, implemented over 21-day periods, is the way to real, lasting change.

Last May, we created a worksheet to help you to track your progress with a new habit as you implement it over 21 days. Now I’ve got an alternate version of the worksheet for you to check out.

A few weeks ago, reader Jaky Astik contacted me (at first via Twitter @jakyastik) to say that he had some ideas for a version of the “21-Day Habit Tracker” worksheet based on how he had been using it, and to ask if I was okay with his taking a crack at a revision. I told him that I would love that.

In addition to Jaky’s revision being super cool looking, it has room for you to work on not just one, but up to three habits at a time. My worksheet and espoused method is one habit per 21-day period, so I asked Jaky to explain his.

He explained that when he focuses on just one new habit, if he skips it even once during the 21 days, he can begin to experience a depletion in his motivation. On the other hand, when three activities are selected, he finds that he always completes at least one of the activities each day, and that helps him get through the 21 days.

Jaky gave one example of a 21-day period:

1. do yoga every morning (15 mins)

2. eat fresh organic fruits for lunch

3. sleep early (10:00PM)

As to my opinion on the subject—I say whatever helps you achieve your goals is good with me!

Click here to download a PDF of this alternate version of the 21-Day Habit Tracker worksheet. [Requires Adobe Acrobat]

Whether you use the original version or this version, print up a form each 21 days. Post it in a prominent location that will help keep your goal(s) top of mind.

Thanks to Jaky (who didn’t do it to receive credit.) (And to Giani, for a suggested tweak.)

Let me know what you think about this version, or about the worksheets in general. Join the conversation with your comments…

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