I was very pleased when I recently had a piece I wrote published on the Motivational Memo web site. The site has a lot to offer and is run by a great guy named Peter G. James Sinclair. Peter is a ‘heart to heart resuscitation’ specialist, on a mission to help others to discover their uniqueness. As I do, Peter believes strongly in the uniqueness of the individual and in the importance of pursuing one’s passion and focusing on one’s strengths to become the very best you that you can possibly become.

Here’s an introduction to the piece I wrote, and a link to the full piece on Peter’s site.


Within the last two years my brother and I each published our first books. Shortly after my book was published last fall, my dad handed me a stack of old, yellowed paper and said, “Well, I guess you and your brother get it from me. Here’s the book I wrote.”

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