Imagine you’re walking to work. You see a child drowning in a pond. You’re about to jump in and save her when you realize you’re wearing your best suit, and the rescue will end up ruining your suit, costing hundreds. Should you still save the child?

Of course you should. But this simple thought experiment, taken seriously, has radical implications for how you live your life.

To learn more, listen to three minutes of this podcast episode, from the 4:10 mark to 7:12. (Note, the interviewee, whose last name is Singer, is not related to me. Also, if you want to read his book, it’s available as a free download here.)

After you listen to the three minutes I have suggested, I bet you will choose to give to good causes more frequently – not just on one Tuesday a year. Perhaps you, your family, and your friends will get started by diverting some of your coming holiday gift spending to charitable causes. This piece can help you think that through. (And Charity Navigator is a site you can use to make sure the causes you give to use their money efficiently, and not on bloated overhead expenses.)

It’s also worth pointing out something I’ve written about many times, including here: helping others is one of the greatest happiness strategies.

What charitable causes you can see yourself giving regularly to? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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