I am a big fan of the minimalism movement. I am a long-time minimalist in many ways, though in most ways I am not nearly as minimalist as many others.

I have always taken pride in being a smart consumer. Though I have more than a minimal amount of “stuff,” I own very few things I don’t use, I make purchases when items are on sale, I use coupons, and I shop in off-price stores. When someone asks me what I want for a birthday gift, I ask for gift cards to Amazon so I can buy something I already was thinking about buying.

Life during COVID-19 has made minimalism even easier (though I do feel terrible for people who have lost their income due to people not venturing out and spending money.)

In 2013, a piece I wrote was published on one of my favorite blogs, Becoming Minimalist. Click here to read my article on Becoming Minimalist.

I loved a recent piece on the site “To Pursue Minimalism, Change the Questions You Ask.”

Here are a few of the questions:

Instead of asking: “What if I throw out something I need later?”

Ask: “What if I keep a whole bunch of stuff I never end up using?”

Instead of “Will I regret not making this purchase today?”

Ask: “What could I do with the money instead?”

Instead of “What if my kids get jealous because they don’t have as much stuff as the neighborhood kids?”

Ask “What life lessons are my kids learning if I buy them every toy they want?”

Click here to read the whole piece.

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