Last year I wrote a piece on commitment devices, another practice to help you to make good habits stick.

A reader sent me a note saying how much he loved the piece, and he told me what he and his wife have been doing to make changes that stick, as follows:

“My wife and I have attended workshops with an empowerment mentor and we have “vision boards” on our walls.  We use empowerment techniques (like declarations/affirmations) and letting go techniques (like journaling, write and burn) to help us become our future selves.  Our minds hold us back with past evidence and discomfort avoidance to make decisions.  We have to show our minds that we can achieve something vis a vie evidence that it can work, despite our absence of past evidence and despite a little discomfort over the unknown.  As we focus on purpose and give our mind new evidence, then the mind and body figure out new ways to achieve.”

What are ways you create and maintain new habits? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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