Optimism Can Extend Your Life

I loved reading this brief article last year, which told about research showing staying optimistic and maintaining a positive outlook can directly extend the length of your life. The 30-year study followed 1,200 elderly people who were born in 1920 or 1921. The researchers analyzed their health, ability to function,…

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Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Thanks to my company, I was fortunate to have been able to watch a webinar called “Mindfulness in Everyday Life” from WellnessConcepts. Here are some of my takeaways: People have more negative thoughts than positive thoughts. They tend not to obsess about positive things. People fixate on past events. We…

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Smiling and Your Happiness

As I’ve written about, and spoken about, countless times, smiling is the simplest happiness tool. This article in Axios talks about smiling as “one of your most powerful tools — to improve health, bolster relationships and just feel better…” According to the article, research shows “Americans tend to smile more…

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Key Elements for Happy Living

I’ve written before about Arthur Brooks – articles of his I’ve read, the time I saw him as an event speaker, and episodes of his “How to Build a Happy Life” podcast. I very much enjoyed this podcast episode of his, featuring Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist and a Professor of…

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The Power of Thinking

I’ve long been a big believer of the power of our thoughts. I wrote this post on the subject almost 10 years ago. Earlier this year, I listened to an excellent episode of the Hidden Brain podcast. Some of my favorite parts from the episode: When the world hands us…

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