A friend of mine was telling me her car windshield cracked as a result of a pebble that got kicked up by a truck in front of her on the highway. She had to pay to have it repaired, and it also cost her time. Soon after, it happened again. More money, more time. And then soon after she got the second crack repaired, her car battery died.

She wasn’t happy about the money she had to spend, nor about the time she had to spend dealing with these issues, but she said to me, “Fortunately, I was in a financial position where I was able to afford these repairs, which makes all these incidents inconveniences rather than problems. For that, I am very grateful.”

I love how she described that.

We all experience both inconveniences and problems. Here’s hoping you can tell the difference between the two and that very few of your experiences are true problems.

All my best,