Soon after two close friends of mine spent two days at a health and relaxation retreat, my wife and I were at a dinner hosted by one of them. There were six couples at dinner including the hosts. When we sat down to eat, we each found a piece of paper on our plate, kind of like the ones you get in a fortune cookie. But these weren’t fortunes—they were suggestions for a better life, an idea my friend brought back from the retreat.

We went around the table and read aloud. Here they are (in the random order of how we were seated around the table)…

Learn to breathe
Doze more, create a nighttime ritual
Practice yoga
Kick back with friends
Eat salmon
Get fresh air
Have more sex
Get in tune with your body
Take a daily walk
Drink tea
Practice healthy dental hygiene

The ideas are a bit all over the place—which I love. What they have in common is well-being. They are a bunch of great ideas and changes we can choose to adopt, one at a time, as new habits over 21-day periods this coming year. Pick the ones you want, go for it, and enjoy the ride.

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