I’ve been biking to work lately. It’s something I started doing last summer, partly inspired by my then-college-age son, who was living in Brooklyn and biking to his summer job in Manhattan. It was taking him about 30 minutes and I realized it would be the same for me.

I did it about once a week late last summer and into the fall and then started up again this summer. I would do it more often, but many days I dress in formal business attire and need my car to get to other appointments during the day.

For years, a fairly typical morning exercise routine for me included a 30-minute bike ride (outside on on my stationary bike), so on days I ride to work I double my exercise because it’s an hour round trip.

I keep deodorant and soap and a change of clothes at the office, I pack cereal and yogurt to eat when I arrive, and I get there early, before all or most of my coworkers so I have time to relax, cool down, wash up, change, and eat my breakfast.

Some of the things that make me happy about riding to work: it’s better for the environment, I love spending time on my bike and taking in my surroundings, I inspire others at my office who marvel when they see my bike in the office, and as I said before, it doubles my exercise for the day.

Not everyone can bike to work. Some people live too far to make it practical. Others don’t work in bike-friendly areas. To you I say, look for other opportunities to ride a bike or to walk instead of driving, such as trips to: the supermarket or pharmacy for a small number of items, the post office, the library, or a friend’s house. (As I write this post, it’s a Saturday morning and I have just returned from a ride that included trips to the supermarket and the UPS store.)

You can also choose to walk up the stairs at work, instead of taking the elevator, as many people at my office do. Perhaps you can walk to lunch during the work week instead of driving.

What are your ideas for outside-your-normal-box exercise opportunities? Join the conversation with your comments…

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