Six Rules for a Simple Life

I was playing with words in my head earlier this year, as I often do, and the title of my book, Six Simple Rules for a Better Life, became "Six Better Rules for a Simple Life". (I wrote about it in my monthly newsletter.) Simple things of all types appeal…

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Habits for Motivation

This is guest post by Alex Romero. You’re a nervous volunteer at a nursing home. You're nervous because of the sounds you're hearing coming from a room down the hall—metal screeching, drawers falling, and floorboards scratching. Hopefully the residents are okay. You get to the room and find three elderly…

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You Can Do Anything, as Long as You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

One of my daughters was telling me about a position she was considering running for at her sorority. She had already taken on a lot (and accomplished a great deal) during her college years—at her sorority and in general—and had, at times, been overextended. I wrote to her: "If you…

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