Organized E-mail

A business organization I am involved with allows members to post questions to the group. It’s a way to crowd-source great ideas. This was a question someone posted: I am perennially looking for ways to organize and prioritize emails. How do you organize your Outlook inbox? Here was my reply:…

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To-Do List Ideas

I read a really good article in Fast Company magazine about to-do list mistakes. I am a big advocate of to-do lists, and of writing things down in general. Here are my favorite takeaways from the article, with my thoughts added: Create/update your next day’s to-do list before you end…

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Happier from Less Clutter

Two articles I recently read reinforced my feeling that most people have too much “stuff”. Beth Teitell writes in the Boston Globe, “Clutter…can assume many forms. It can present as a once-used bread machine or Lego hair that’s come unsnapped from its person. It can look like Tupperware without its assigned…

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