“Be Organized” is one of my Six Simple Rules for a Better Life. I felt very qualified to write about that subject because I’m about as organized as a person can be. That also makes me feel very qualified to review the new book, Super-Productive: 120 Strategies to Do More and Stress Less by Sharon Danzger. 

Danzger is a professional organizer who focuses on corporate training and individual coaching related to personal productivity and there is a great deal I like about her book.

Super-Productive is a quick read, and it’s very well written. Most importantly, it’s full of numerous easy-to-implement strategies.

As someone who is quite productive, and maybe even super-productive, many of her suggestions are ones I already do—but most of them are ones I’ve never written about, making Super-Productive a great companion book to mine.

It would be a disservice to give Danzger’s ideas without her smart explanations, but I’m going to mention a few to illustrate how varied the suggestions are.

Among ones I do: I eat the same breakfast almost daily; I wear pretty much the same work outfit daily; I have a packing list so I don’t forget things for trips; my phone is always pretty well-charged and I have a backup charger; I place my keys and wallet in the same place every night when I get home.

But the true genius of Danzger’s book is she manages to bring in ideas ranging from being a better listener, to stress reduction, to being a lifelong learner (which happens to be the sixth of my Six Simple Rules). Danzger is clearly a lifelong learner, evident from all the books she cites (not surprisingly, many of which I have cited as my own inspirations.)

The subtitle of my book is “Practical, achievable ways to be happier, healthier, and more.” Danzger’s book could have had a similar subtitle—it’s full of practical, achievable ideas, which is why I highly recommend it.

Super-Productive will be available as a Kindle download for a brief time for 99 cents. If you read Super-Productive, please let me know what you think by joining the conversation with your comments…

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