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Last year, at the end of a virtual presentation to participants in the Year Up program (a wonderful program I have been speaking at, and donating to, for many years), the event moderator read questions  posted in the chat. They were good ones, so I'm sharing them here, with my…

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Sunk Costs & Happiness

I don’t like wasting resources. Money, food, and time come quickly to mind as the most obvious examples. Recently, I realized I have learned how to make better decisions by understanding the interaction between these resources. The net result is a positive impact on my happiness. For example, last summer…

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Put it on Your Calendar

I’ve written a number of times about making the time to do the important things in life. Rather than saying, “I didn’t do it because I didn’t have the time,” it’s more accurate to say, “I didn’t do it because I didn’t make the time.” (One example: Making time for…

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Doing One Thing at a Time

One thing that bothers most people, is the experience of not remembering why you just walked from one place to another—for example, walking from one room to another in your house, or from one part of your workplace to another. As we get older, we begin to worry if that…

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