Exercise with a Ball

I recently took an exercise class called, “Let’s Have a Ball.” For 50 minutes we did numerous exercises, every one of which made use of a large exercise ball. We did exercises for the arms, the legs, the chest, and more. I wanted to share this with you because I…

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Making Exercise a Priority

Making time for exercise is a big challenge for many people. Whether it's about exercise or anything else, time management is about making time for your priorities. How do you make time for exercise? I do it the same way I do everything else important to me: I treat it…

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Exercise in the Morning

When I speak to groups about time management, I ask the audience what the most common reason people give for not exercising. They always say that it’s, “I don’t have the time.” I agree—that’s the most common reason by far. I then explain, however, that I do not believe it…

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I Wrote a Book!

About two years ago, when I finished the first draft of my book, I asked my good friend Rob if he would read it. After he said yes, he added, "You wrote a book. Congrats, my friend! That's a terrific thing.” Rob's note is a great reminder of the importance…

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