All the talk about essential workers, and the realization that so many of the heroes of this pandemic have been people whose contributions to society were previously taken for granted, reminded me of something my wife told me.

Last year she attended a seminar and the presenter held up a $100 bill.

“Who would like this?” the presenter asked.

Everyone raised their hand.

The presenter crumpled it up and asked again, “Who would like this?”

Again, everyone raised their hand.

The presenter then threw it on the floor and stepped on it, making sure it got nice and dirty. She asked once again, “Who would like this?”

Once again, everyone raised their hand.

The presenter then said someone who has been through hard times and is now living on the street had once been clean and presentable—and just like the $100 bill after it’s been crumpled and stepped on, they should still be wanted.

I love that very powerful idea and I think our experiences during this pandemic have helped many people to notice others they may have previously looked past. I hope that continues.

Warm regards,