In the past, I’ve written about James Clear. I’ve been reading articles by him for a bunch of years. He shares all kinds of useful life hacks. Over the last few years, he has written quite a bit about making and keeping good habits, a subject near and dear to my heart—and core to my message.

Since the publication of his bestselling book, Atomic Habits, Clear has been sending out brief, weekly emails with quotes and ideas I usually find very interesting. Here are some ideas of his I like…

Habits with a high rate of return in life:

– sleeping 8+ hours each day
– lifting weights 3x a week
– going for a walk each day
– saving at least 10 percent of your income
– reading every day
– drinking more water and less of everything else
– leaving your phone in another room while you work

Which of these habits do you have? Which one seems like a good one for you to work on for the next 21 days to adopt as a new habit? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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