Marcie and I love a wonderful bike path about a 20-minute drive from our house. It’s a six mile train (12 miles round trip) , running alongside the Saddle River, and passing through four towns along the way.

A few weeks back, en route, we passed a woman on rollerblades pushing a baby in a stroller. That brought me back to nearly 23 years ago when I did the same thing. I’m sure other people have used the term since—I called it strollerblading.

That was during my same early days of fatherhood during which I started my early-morning exercise routine. When I would finish the 5:00am diaper change and bottle for our firstborn, it felt too early to get up for work, yet too late to go back to sleep. I realized I could rock Jeremy back to sleep in his stroller while I peddled my stationary bike.

Time is always the number one excuse people make for not exercising as much as they would like to; or as much as they say they would like to. Like so many things in life, exercise is usually not about not having enough time, it’s about not making the time.

What are your ideas for killing exercise excuses? Join the conversation with your comments…

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