I recently heard a great quote: “Leading is action, not a position.” The quote is attributed to Donald McGannon. According to Wikipedia, McGannon was a broadcasting industry executive during the formative years of the television industry in the United States. As chairman of the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, McGannon was a devoted advocate of broadcasting’s potential for good and worked to improve the standards of radio and television broadcasting.

That description of what McGannon accomplished is impressive, and it is fitting that someone like him said, “Leadership is action, not a position,” which syncs with what I always say about leadership.

When I say or write “Be a Leader” (the third of the Six Simple Rules for a Better Life), the leadership I am talking about is not being a CEO of a company, or being the president of a country. What I am talking about is volunteering at home, at work, and in your community; stepping up to help when others need it; speaking up when you see injustice.

I hope you will think about some actions you can take to be a leader.

Be well,