I recently had a 24-hour stomach virus. I was feeling queasy around mid-day Friday, threw up around 6:00pm, was in bed from 7:45pm until 7:15am (a fitful sleep), felt light-headed all the following morning, and felt almost 100% by mid-day Saturday.

It was the first time I threw up in many years. I can’t recall the last time. Of course, throwing up is not a pleasant experience and as I sat on the bathroom floor, I suddenly felt empathy for people who are struggling with illnesses that cause them to have frequent bouts of nausea and then a moment later, a sense of gratitude for my good health.

Gratitude is one of the best happiness strategies and empathy is one of the keys to being nice to others, so I was also grateful that in that moment of my own personal unpleasantness, that I was able to take a simple, but powerful, lesson.

What are some experiences that you have had that helped you to feel gratitude or empathy? Join the conversation with your comments…

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