I recently read an article about people who don’t take to the idea of focusing on happiness.

I went to post a comment, but encountered a tech glitch and it didn’t get posted. The following is the comment I intended to post:

I have learned a great deal, about a great many things, by reading, including happiness tricks and strategies. I don’t think these tricks and strategies made me happy. I think I’m a naturally happy and optimistic person. But, I also think there is a lot of negativity in the world, so these tricks and strategies are part of what I like to call a practice of proactive positivity. 

We don’t have to work at the negativity; that comes automatically. But, positivity can use help, even if it’s just the simplest trick of all — smiling — which releases chemicals to your brain, making you think you are happy, and then you feel happy, even if just for a short while. 

The other great happiness trick is spending time helping others. Helping others is not only fulfilling, but takes your mind away from your own issues.

What are you simplest happiness tricks? Join the conversation with your comments…

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