When I say “Be a Leader” (the third of the Six Simple Rules for a Better Life), the leadership I am talking about is not being a CEO of a company, or being the president of a country. What I am talking about is volunteering at home, at work, and in your community; stepping up to help when others need it; speaking up when you see injustice.

Selfishly, helping others feels great—in fact, helping others might be the single greatest happiness secret.

Unless you are a celebrity or are already a famous author, you’re not going to make money writing a book. So there has to be another reason for doing so. For me, it was feeling I had a message that could help other people. And by doing so, I could do a small part to change the world; to make it a better place.

That’s the same reason I love doing speaking engagements. (If you want to contact me to speak, here is the link.)

And that’s the same reason I write these blog posts and publish my monthly newsletter—hoping some of you will be helped by what you read.

What are some ways you are helping others? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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