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Earlier this year, after publishing a simple piece on making healthy eating easier, I received the most feedback I’ve ever had. So I’m publishing it as a blog post today.

While eating a sweet potato during lunch at my office and one of my coworkers said, “I love sweet potatoes, but it takes time to bake them, so I tend not to buy them.”

I explained that Marcie (my wife) and I have gotten into the habit of putting sweet potatoes into the oven as soon as we get home from the supermarket. We set a timer and then go about our business. After the timer goes off, we let the potatoes cool, and then put them into the refrigerator.  The result is several days of sweet potatoes available to be reheated for meals.

We also make large quantities of our go-to main dishes—barbecued chicken, turkey burgers, and thinly sliced chicken breasts. We freeze them in tin foil in meal-size portions.

On a typical work day, I grab a handful of baby spinach and throw it into a container. I grab a piece of frozen chicken or a turkey burger, a sweet potato or an avocado, and an apple (which I usually eat as a mid-afternoon snack).

I keep a jar of my favorite salad dressing in the lunch room at my office, which I pour into the container and shake for my salad. A minute and half in the microwave is enough time for the potato and chicken, and I’m ready to eat and have people marvel at my healthy lunches.

How do you make healthy eating easier? Join the conversation with your comments…

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