As has happened to me many times before, this year I found myself inspired by a eulogy delivered by a friend upon the passing of one of his parents. Every funeral I attend leaves me a better person because of something I learn about the deceased, and their life well lived.

In this case, my friend’s dad was someone I knew since I was a kid. From my childhood, through the last time I saw him, he was always very nice to me. I knew him as a family person, as having good friends, and as a funny guy. He was a sweet man, who treated everyone well. On a non-remarkable (but fun) note, I learned from him to keep beer mugs in my freezer, making them awesome to pour a beer into.

After his passing, I learned more about him. The most amazing story, which was a testament to the amazing example both parents had set in this family, was told by one of his three sons.

We grew up in a mixed-race town. In fact, Teaneck, NJ was the first town in the United States to voluntarily integrate its schools via busing, a few years before my family and theirs moved there.

One Sunday, when the son came home from Sunday school, his mom asked him what he learned. The son said the minister had asked if anyone had black neighbors. No one raised their hand.

“Why didn’t you?” the mom asked. “What about the Scarboroughs?”

“They’re black?” the son responded.

What have been some of your inspirations, whether from a eulogy or otherwise? Join the conversation with your comments…

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