One of the best things I watched on TV this year was the HBO miniseries, Show Me a Hero. It was a bit long (six hours) and it was a bit slow, but the takeaways from the show were worth every minute.

As I said in this blog post, seeing the humanity of people you may feel are not like you helps you to understand we are all the same. Whether we have different skin color or hold different religious beliefs, we are all part of the same race—the human race. And that’s a powerful message that emerges from Show Me a Hero.

Watching the transformation of certain residents of 1990s Yonkers (and watching them become leaders, the way we can all become leaders) as they let go of their fear of people they perceived to be different from them, was very moving.

It was also interesting to learn about the theories of public housing that helped make the Yonkers projects depicted in the series a success.

Remember: We are all the same, and we all want happiness, contentment, and peace for ourselves and our children.

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