This is a guest post by Morgan Johnson.

A couple of years ago, as a result of an unsuccessful marriage and stressful job,  I found myself suffering from a prolonged period of feeling very down. Fortunately, after months of self-regret, and living in a house which looked more like a disaster than a home, I managed to pull myself together. The following habits were helpful to me.

1. Try to deal with loneliness

When you feel down, work hard to get your social life back. When feeling down, many people avoid meeting friends and relatives. Try to do just the opposite. Make some calls, dress up, and go out. Spend some time with your closest friends and try not to think (or talk) about how miserable you feel. Organize a barbecue evening and invite your family and friends. Friends, music, and a big, juicy steak will cheer you up for at least a few hours.

2. Realize that feeling down is closely related to negative thoughts.

Even if the situation seems frustrating, try to stay optimistic. Think positively and focus on the good aspects of life. Try reading some motivating books or attending lectures. Push yourself to think rosily. You may doubt the power of saying, “Everything will be alright”, but if you repeat this over and over again, somehow, your brain gets trained to focus on positive outcomes, making it easier to deal with problems.

3. Take care of your physical health

If you spend tons of time lying on the couch eating junk food and watching TV, you will only end up feeling worse. Eat more fruit and vegetables and get up an exercise. Try yoga and meditation. If you can afford it, spend some time in the country, away from the business of the city. Take your best friend or your beloved one (if you have one) and spend a weekend in the wilderness. Get outside and take a 30-minute walk.

4. Go to work

Don’t risk losing your job!  Work helps to keeps your mind (and your body) busy. If you don’t feel well, take a day off, get enough sleep, and recharge yourself. But don’t forget that in addition to the obvious importance of providing you with an income, your job gives you the opportunity to be with people and helps keep your thoughts away from your own problems.

Everyone has experienced periods of feeling down. What we do to combat that, to feel happier, is important. What do you do when you feel down? Join the conversation with your comments…

Morgan Johnson is freelance writer, entrepreneur and self-improvement maniac. He loves to share his experience.