One of my favorite bloggers is Ken Wert. The posts on his blog, Meant to be Happy, are regularly among the most enjoyable ones that I read.

I love the name of his site because I agree with its beautiful sentiment, that we are all meant to be happy. And with “Be Happy” as the first of my Six Simple Rules, it wasn’t shocking that I would like a blogger who has the words “Be Happy” in the name of his site. I’m sure you will like Ken as much as I do when you read the wonderful things that he writes.

While Ken writes much of what is on his site, he published other pieces by guest bloggers. I was very pleased when, this past week, Ken published a piece I wrote. Here’s an introduction to the piece and a link to the full piece on Ken’s site.


If you stop to think about the number of times a day you interact with other people you’ll probably find it’s more often than you think (at home, the store, the bank, post office, gym, neighborhood, classroom, in line, at the office and even passersby). What are yours like? Are the deep and rewarding or superficial and thoughtless? Mindful interaction may be the answer you’re looking for.

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