I listed things that made me smile for several weeks, then things on my gratitude list for three weeks. Now I’m shifting to another happiness strategy: listing accomplishments. 

Human nature causes us to be more inclined to reflect on negatives than positives. To counter that natural tendency, be sure to make it a regular practice to celebrate your accomplishments/areas of progress.

Here are some of my accomplishments for the week:

I realized that my monthly newsletter needs to deliver more value and I figured out how to do that (starting with the next one that is published, early September.)

I made some good progress in a few important areas at work before signing off for a week out of the office.

I made all the logistics arrangements for an important speech I am delivering next month.

I learned some very cool things from a book I just started reading, The Happiness Advantage (affiliate link.)

I resisted the urge to go into a favorite clothing store, realizing I didn’t need anything — that anything I would buy was not at all necessary (part of a bigger plan I am working on since reading this blog post.)

I made it a priority to go college-supply shopping with my daughters in order to spend some extra time with them before they head off to their freshman year next week.

What are some of your accomplishments this week? Please join in with your comments…