I’ve written a fair amount about why experiences are better than things. Two of my posts are here and here.

I read a really good article about the same subject on Motherly. In the piece, Elizabeth Tenety gives a helpful list of experiences one can give as gifts, in this case, it’s a list she is directing to family members who want to give gifts to her children. As she explains to her well-meaning family, “…please, no more random toys for the kids, please. If you really, really, really want to get something for my kids, I have made a short list…”

Some of the items on the list:

  • Swimming lessons
  • A weekend at grandpa’s
  • Art supplies
  • Someone to bring them to the library to return their borrowed books—and get new ones
  • A trip to the playground
  • A movie night

What are some experiences you can give to your family and friends? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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