I’ve written a bunch of times about the value of experiences over things—about spending your money and time on experiences rather than stuff. In one of my newsletters, and later in a post here, I said the following:

“I feel fortunate (and grateful) that investing my time and money in experiences comes more naturally to me than buying material things. I’m sure my parents are partly responsible. They took trips. They took us on trips. When I was a kid I asked my parents why they always bought Buicks and Fords when my best friend’s parents drove a Cadillac and a Corvette. “Each family makes its own choices of what’s important. We go on vacations,” they told me.

Not surprisingly, family vacations from my childhood, like the time we spent the better part of a month driving up the east coast from Florida to New Jersey, are unforgettable to me, and what types of car my parents drove is the least important thing in my memory—or maybe it’s the most important thing, which is why I drive a Honda, and love taking trips and attending concerts.

Recently, a travel blogger sent me a link to the excellent graphic I’ve featured on this post. It’s a great comparison of experiences vs. things, and makes the connection to happiness very clear.

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