For Most of Us, Storm Sandy Could Have Been Much Worse

Posted by davidjsinger - November 13, 2012 - Be Happy, Gratitude, Habits, Happiness, Mindfulness - 4 Comments

I’ve reached out to many people in the aftermath of Storm Sandy, the incredible storm that hit the area where I live. Almost to a person, those who did not suffer a devastating loss replied to my e-mails, text messages, or calls with some variation of “It could have been worse.”

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  • Michelle

    My daughter broke her back in cheer leading.  She was a flyer and would be thrown 20 + feet in the air, do all kinds of crazy twists and turns on the way down to be caught by teenagers.  My heart ached with the fear of  how dangerous it was.  I was thankful for her broken back because (once we found a doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital) she so easily could have been dropped on her head and broken her neck.  I told her “they are going to fix your back and you will be fine. Thank God everyday it was your back and not your neck.  Laying in this bed would be your future with a broken neck.  Now this broken back is just a part of your story.  It was amazing how that realization got us through the surgery and the next year of healing. And today is a normal teenager enjoying her freshman year at college…..with a few rods and screws in her back.

  • David Singer/SixSimpleRules

    What an incredible, inspiring story. Thank you SO much for sharing it.
    My best wishes,

  • Bagsteve

    In a Mel Brooks movie there is a scene where one of the characters says to the other when they’re in a bad spot “It could be worse – it could be raining” and than it starts to rain! Steve

  • David Singer/SixSimpleRules

    Just last night I was working on a future blog post about the value of humor and laughter and getting more of those into our lives. The best humor has a piece of truth in it and Mel Brooks has delivered that in the line you relay.
    Thanks. 🙂