When you reach a certain age (in my case, it was in my mid-40s), parents of friends begin to have health problems and/or pass away. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been to many funerals, including several very recently. I nearly always cry, but I also frequently smile, and often laugh, as the bereaved share funny and heartwarming stories about their late parent.

In addition, every funeral I attend leaves me a better person because of something inspiring I learn about the deceased. One of the recent funerals I attended left me particularly inspired. Tragically, this was the funeral of someone far too young (this was not a parent of one of my friends, it was the parent of one of my kids’ friends.)

All three of the “kids” spoke. All three spoke beautifully. And all three had different styles and messages, though the theme was the same—she was a good friend, an amazing mother, and a giving person whose kindness abounded.

One of her sons, rather than talking about memories of his mom, said he was going to focus on what we can all learn from her, something I’ve never heard so explicitly. He talked about how giving a person his mom was and wondered if there is such a thing as “generous to a fault.” It was a compelling point. “So many of us have a lot and give a little,” he explained, “My mother had a little and gave a lot. She taught us that is how you keep the world in balance.”

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