I recently read a powerful story in What Happy People Know, a book by Dan Baker. He explained he was working with a super stressed out business owner and trying to help him to delegate more. The business owner said he could not delegate more because so many of his decisions are life-and-death and cannot be delegated.

Baker’s prescription for this client was to volunteer in a pediatric cancer ward for a day and yet another person learned about gratitude—in this case, being grateful for his good health—and perspective—in this case, realizing his business is not life and death. He said to Baker, “I always thought death made life meaningless, like what’s the point? How can you be happy when you know you’ll die. On the day at the ward I realized death is what makes life precious.”

Next time you’re stressing out, stop, take a breath, and think to yourself, “Is this really the big deal I’m making it out to be? Is this life and death or is it really small stuff.” You’ll likely realize the vast majority of it is small stuff and your perspective will change.

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