Last year I wrote about my Fitbit, which I had become very attached to. The impact the Fitbit had on me was a surprise: I went from being someone who already exercised a lot, to someone who exercised even more.

A few months ago, I lost my Fitbit. It was one of those frustrating things where I knew exactly where I last had it, but it seemed to have magically disappeared. I retraced my steps, I looked under things, I looked at all the possible places, and it was gone.

A few months later, I found it. It was exactly where I had last seen it, just hidden under something I hadn’t moved out of the way when I was searching.

I was very happy to have found it because I didn’t like the unsolved mystery. I would have expected to have also been eager to put it to use again. However, in the time it was missing, I had been keeping up the exercise routines I had adopted before it went missing—because they had become my new habits.

If you have read my book, this blog, my newsletter, or have seen me speak, you will know how much I emphasize the importance of creating habits in order to make the changes you want to make. My lost Fitbit experience was yet another example of the power of habits.

The Fitbit had helped motivate me to create new habits, but the fact that I had made these activities part of my routine, that I had adopted them as habits, that it didn’t take willpower to make them happen, was now all I needed.

What are some habits you have adopted where you can see it no longer takes willpower to make them happen? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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