There is a very nice family I’ve known them for nearly 25 years. Several of them are real estate brokers and they have a monthly newsletter. I’ve been on their mailing list for many years and often find helpful tips. A recent newsletter contained a list of ways to practice gratitude on a regular basis. I’ve published many pieces on this subject, but there can never be too much of a focus on gratitude, one of the great strategies for happiness.

Keep a “gratitude journal“ to jot down 1-2 things you’re grateful for daily.

Actively work on cultivating positivity by looking for a bright side to negative situations.

Pay someone an unexpected compliment each day.

Talk about 2-3 positive moments from the day during nightly dinner conversation.

Offer a heartfelt—not routine—“thank you“ for a mundane task, such as someone holding a door open for you at the store.

Say out loud what you’re grateful for, even if you’re talking to yourself.

Put a picture of your family, or whatever you’re most thankful for, somewhere you’ll see it multiple times a day.

Donate your time to a favorite cause. Monetary donations are great, but donating your time is even more effective at making you feel grateful.

How do you practice gratitude? Please join the conversation with your comments…

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